Personal Finance Daily: 3 women allege Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed them — what do you do if it happens to you? and Did you refinance your mortgage last year? Here’s how it could affect your taxes

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‘Document everything’: 3 women allege Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed them — what do you do if it happens to you?

The New York governor refused to resign after three separate allegations of sexual harassment, two of which came from former aides.

‘Warren Buffett and Harry Potter couldn’t get those two retired early’: When financial advisers can’t make their clients see the light

‘We put our spendthrift neighbors in touch with our financial adviser. They called her lousy. So how come WE are the ones who retired early?’

My husband and his brother inherited a property. Our son moved in. We paid $ 60K in taxes and repairs. Do we split it 50/50?

‘The house is probably 90 years old, and needed quite a lot of work before they could move in.’

I married ‘the life of the party’ — but he’s different at home. He takes his money woes out on me and calls me a ‘gold digger’

‘He was a generous man and financially stable, or so I thought.’

As the market nosedived last year, my older brother advised me to sell. I lost $ 80,000. How can I ever forgive him?

‘It was only going to get worse, he proclaimed, and he had 40 years’ experience in the market.’

Did you refinance your mortgage last year? Here’s how it could affect your taxes

The GOP tax cuts included changes to the mortgage interest deduction that could come into play if you decided to refinance in 2020.

Americans scroll Amazon and Walmart for bargains — yet choose pricey healthcare services and throw away hundreds of dollars

New hospital-price transparency rules took effect earlier this year, but patient advocates say those rules only do so much.

Children of color are more likely than white kids to participate in remote schooling — and lack live access to teachers

5 states where children have fared worst during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report.

‘We need help’: Texas attorney general sues energy provider over ‘sky-high’ rates after massive winter storm

Griddy, the electricity company, allegedly misled customers on the risks of price surges, the Texas Attorney General says.

My in-laws are underwater on their mortgage and their home is in disrepair. Should they just walk away and move in with us?

‘My husband feels that walking away and them taking the credit hit of foreclosure is the best option.’

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Cuomo responds to harassment scandal: ‘I’m not going to resign’

The New York governor apologized for making people feel “uncomfortable,” and says he will retain his emergency powers until the end of the pandemic.

America really is broken: Here’s how much more engineers say it would cost to fix it

An occasional look at one number that reveals how we live, work, shop and invest.

Fed’s Harker sees no interest-rate hikes until 2023

Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker said Wednesday he doesn’t see the central bank hiking its policy rate until 2023.

Democrats’ relief plan could cut child poverty by 4 million

An expanded child tax credit could create the ‘bootstraps’ to lift the next generation out of poverty.

Why the U.K. is set to ease IPO rules to better compete with New York or Europe

A review commissioned by the U.K. government suggests an overhaul of the London Stock Exchange’s listing rules, to enable London to better compete with New York or European bourses such as Amsterdam.