Marginal fall in tea demand in Sale-48

Cutting Chai. (PC-Shutterstock)

Cutting Chai. (PC-Shutterstock)

Despite a marginal fall in total demand, the overall market sentiment for all categories of teas was good during Sale-48, a Calcutta Tea Traders Association official said here on Friday.

The Sale-48 was held on November 29, 30 and December 1.

This marginal drop in total demand was quiet natural and was due to rise in demand for substitutes goods (e.g coffee) during winter season, the official said.

According to CTTA official data, the total offerings amounted to 2,57,239 packages comprising 1,41,493 packages of CTC leaf, 67,165 packages of Orthodox, 3,288 packages of Darjeeling leaf and 45,293 packages of Dust teas during this auction.

Fair demand was marked for CTC leaf for two consecutive auction. A total of 24,12,822 kg of different quality was sold at an average price of Rs 192.12 per kg during this sale. Most of the demand(about 40.36 per cent) was observed between Rs 150 to Rs 200 per kg while 23.19 per cent was claimed at lower price level and 13.62 per cent was sold above Rs 250 per kg.

Western India operated on liquoring varieties. Other internal and local dealers saw fair support. Some enquiry on bolder brokens was marked from exporters.

Orthodox offerings maintained strong demand once again. A total of 12,54,075 kg of different categories was sold at an average price of Rs 262.21 per kg during this week.

Around 64.63 per cent of total demand was registered at above Rs 250 per kg while only 10.23 per cent was marked at below Rs 150 per kg price level. Middle east saw good support and CIS remained active in operation.

Darjeeling leaf met with fair demand during recent auction and a total of 40,785 kg of different quality was sold at an average price of Rs 358.72 per kg. Most of the demand(about 35.42 per cent) was organised at below Rs 200 per kg which was quiet irregular. Around 35.2 per cent was claimed at above Rs 500 per kg. Greenish sorts witnessed better demand. Hindustan Unilever was too active. Good support was marked from TCPL and local internal operators. Exporters were also active in operation.

There was a good demand for this week’s Dust offerings and a total of 11,17,703 kg of different categories was claimed at an average price of Rs 205.51 per kg. Around 29.81 per cent of total quantity was sold at higher price level while 22.63 per cent was claimed at lower price range. Western India registered good enquiry. Other internals saw fair support. Hindustan Unilever and TCPL also operated actively. PTI SAM RG RG