MC Insider: Sebi lens on bond platforms, 3 Idiots’ D-street debut, MFs borrow a page from Apple, curious i-bank rejig, and more


What can a mutual fund and Apple have in common? Well, setting standards or, at least, that is the plan of the founder of one of the latest entrants in the Indian mutual fund industry. The up and coming mutual fund wants to sell MF products that set standards for investors based on what it feels is the best products for investors and not create a ‘khichdi’ of products just to garner AUM. “Apple tells you what you should buy, it doesn’t make products based on what you want to buy,” the founder said underpinning the philosophy of his new venture. Well, it is not hard to argue that the Indian MF scene is in the need for a bit of panache as long as the expense fees doesn’t make us sell our kidneys (we are looking at your iPhone 14)!