Personal Finance Daily: If you wear a mask on a plane will it protect you from COVID-19 and new-home construction improves despite high inflation

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‘Travel has rebounded far quicker than analysts expected’: Passengers cheered the end of masks on flights, but they won’t be cheering these prices

The number of people traveling by plane has rebounded close to pre-pandemic levels. Read More

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dion’s motto as an artist? ‘Take the money out of the decision’

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Many airlines and employers are now dropping their mask mandates. But some schools and other public spaces still require them. Here’s what you should know.

Some public health experts are dismayed about a judge’s ruling on mask mandates and its implications Read More

Do you have to wear a mask in the airport? Watch as some passengers cheer the latest rule change

Masks will no longer be required on U.S. airplanes as of April 18. Read More

‘The equivalent of a plane’s worth of people still die every day’: If you wear a mask on a train or plane, while others don’t, will it protect you from COVID-19?

A Trump-appointed federal judge says CDC overreached its authority, failed to justify its decision. Read More

New-home construction improves despite high inflation, rising mortgage rates, and the shortage of skilled labor and materials

Home builders have shifted their focus to multifamily housing projects as buyers grapple with affordability concerns. Read More

The revamped 2022 Toyota GR86 returns with better power, agility and a thrilling drive

A fun-to-drive sports car that lets you push its limits, but when you’re in the mood to relax and putter along the highway, the GR86 is happy to do that, too. Read More

Six towns worth visiting for their historic downtowns

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This is how inflation affects your travel costs—with one bright spot

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‘We believe his ex-wife put her up to this’: My husband’s daughter asked me why I am the beneficiary of her dad’s life insurance instead of her. How do I respond?

‘She said that she feels he doesn’t love her.’ Read More