Personal Finance Daily: Redlining continues to devastate neighborhoods in the form of pollution and A record number of U.S. properties are now worth $1 million or more

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Redlining legacy still devastates neighborhoods — but this particular harm comes from pollution

Blacks and Latinos live with more smog and fine particulate matter from traffic, coal plants and other sources in once-redlined areas compared to historically white areas. Read More

As home prices soar, a record number of U.S. properties are now worth $ 1 million or more

The percentage of homes nationwide that are worth at least seven figures has nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic. Read More

Should you be worried about these ‘parachuting spiders’? Six things to know about them

The large arachnid has made its way throughout the South and could be headed to other parts of the U.S., according to a University of Georgia researcher. Read More

Women deserve respect around money and investing. Checking these 5 biases is a good place to start.

Sexism and stereotypes deter women from building wealth and financial independence. Read More

Fast or faster? Power or more power? At Mercedes-Benz, AMG goes electric

Mercedes isn’t going to stop sending its cars to the AMG division, where they build quicker, more powerful, better-looking editions that sell at a hefty premium Read More

Can you beat the long odds of being a liberal-arts major?

A well-chosen humanities major doesn’t have to be a vow of poverty. Read More

‘Modern-day snake-oil salesmen’ accused of $ 124 million crypto-mining con. Brother-and-sister team advertised their business on a billboard in Times Square

Prosecutors and the SEC say John and Tina Barksdale claimed to run a $ 250 million crypto mining operation but that it was all a fraud. Read More

Oligarchs famously favor luxe New York apartments, but here’s where most Russian-born buyers would rather reside

These are the most popular U.S. destinations for Russian-born property buyers. Read More

How your financial adviser can help you process grief after the loss of a loved one

The COVID pandemic has expanded advisers’ role — including counseling for grieving families. Read More

COVID still weighs heavily on home buyers. Here’s where more Americans are choosing to live now.

People are returning to cities — just not in the Northeast and Midwest. Read More