: IKEA expands its ‘buy back and resell’ program for used furniture to all U.S. stores

United States

IKEA wants your old furniture.

The Swedish furniture company is expanding its “Buy Back & Resell” program for a limited time to all U.S. stores after a successful pilot of the sustainability-geared initiative.

The service, available to IKEA customers that are enrolled in its loyalty “Family” program, first launched at the company’s Conshohocken, Penn., store in August. The pilot had “positive results — 100% of product brought in was resold versus recycled,” Jennifer Keesson, country sustainability manager at IKEA U.S., said in a statement.

“By expanding the service to more stores across the U.S., we hope to inspire more IKEA Family members to participate and further showcase how sustainable living can be obtainable and affordable for the many,” she added.

The expansion is part of IKEA’s month-long “Green Friday” campaign, aimed at “making it easier to shop with the planet in mind.” The company is also setting up “Sustainable Living Shops” nationwide — a dedicated section in each store that will showcase sustainable products and provide tips on how to live a more sustainable life.

Also part of the campaign, the company is offering discounts to IKEA Family members on products that it says combat pollutants, use renewable resources or come from recycled materials.

The Green Friday campaign is part of IKEA’s larger sustainability goals, Javier Quiñones, IKEA U.S. president and chief sustainability officer, said in a statement.

“We want to help create a sustainable movement in society, and inspire our customers to acquire, care for and pass on IKEA products in more sustainable ways,” he said.

The company has previously pledged to become a circular and climate positive business by 2030. IKEA’s total carbon emissions for the fiscal year of 2016 — which its using as its baseline measurement — was nearly 25 million tonnes.