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Tax our tech and we’ll blacklist your bubbly

Dec 7th 2019 “UNACCEPTABLE”, harrumphed France’s finance minister. Worthy of a “pugnacious” response, thundered a colleague. The object of this Gallic ire was the Trump administration’s threat this week to

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Apache’s stock plunges to 18-year low after update on well status disappoints

Shares of Apache Corp. got drilled Monday, to close at the lowest price seen in 18 years, after the oil and

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The Wall Street Journal: Aramco IPO seeks valuation up to $1.7 trillion, well short of original goal

Saudi Aramco said it is aiming for a valuation of $ 1.6 trillion to $ 1.7 trillion from the planned initial

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Deep Dive: These stocks may perform well no matter who wins the 2020 presidential election

A broad review of stocks ahead of the 2020 election points to several industries that are poised for good long-term performance

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Wipro Q2 – Little downside, but upside capped as well

We do not see stock outperformance as long as Wipro lags its peers in growth

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Upgrade: ‘I hate going back to the U.S.’: This 69-year-old left Utah for Portugal, where you can ‘live well’ on $2,000 a month

Tricia Pimental has lived in more than a dozen places, including New York, California, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada and Utah —

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