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Top Trading Lessons: Technicals Hold All the Weight, Not the Click-Bait

Heading into the start of 2019, the news headlines and financial publications would have had you thinking the UK economy was going into a tailspin with many calling for parity

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Stock Market Q4 Forecast: The Weight of Trade Wars May Finally Crack the Dow Jones

Stock Market Forecast: Stocks enter the fourth quarter with a volatile start, in an eerily similar fashion to October 2018 Now, the major stock indices will have to grapple with

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Weight of Commodity Stocks Crushes U.K. Benchmark in Dismal Week

(Bloomberg) — A bad week for global equities is worse for the U.K.’s FTSE 100 Index. A heavy weighting of commodity stocks — among the worst-hit in the latest rout

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StockBeat: EdF Sags Under the Weight of Hinkley Point Fiasco

By Geoffrey Smith — You may remember Thomas Piquemal. He resigned as chief financial officer of Electricite de France (PA:EDF) three years ago after warning that the French government’s

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