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From hashtags to donations, Google, Netflix and other tech companies voice support for protesters

As protests stemming from the death of George Floyd wrack the nation, a number of leading tech companies have offered their support for demonstrators and funding for social-justice organizations. Twitter

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Key Words: ‘Summer’s going to be a disaster,’ warns Trump adviser who compared social-distancing protesters to Rosa Parks

Stephen Moore, an economic adviser to President Donald Trump, recently compared those protesting against social-distancing restrictions to an icon of the civil rights movement. “This is a great time for

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The Wall Street Journal: LeBron James criticizes tweet supporting Hong Kong protesters as ‘misinformed’

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James criticized Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey for the tweet that set off a crisis

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Hong Kong police fire pepper spray as protesters turn violent

Hong Kong police used pepper spray on September 28 to try to disperse anti-government protesters who threw rocks and blocked a key road next to a huge pro-democracy rally,

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