Roaring Kitty shows he’s holding his GameStop position as stock continues slide

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Influential trader Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, appears to be holding his position in GameStop Corp. as shares of the video game retailer and original meme stock slide.

GameStop’s GME, -12.01% stock was down 1.2% in premarket trades Tuesday after ending Monday’s session down 12%. The company’s shares closed down 39.4% Friday, registering their worst day since 2021 as Gill hosted his first YouTube livestream in three years.

A Reddit post on June 2 from an account associated with Gill appeared to show him holding a big stake in the videogame retailer. Subsequent posts, including one on Monday afternoon, show Gill holding the position. The post showed he was still holding 5 million shares of GameStop and 120,000 Jun 21 $ 20 call options. It also showed he was holding $ 29.4 million in cash.

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“He’s now down $ 51 million on the day, but still up 18%,” wrote Stocktwits, a social platform for investors and traders on X, formerly known as Twitter, Monday. “If he bought $ NVDA instead, he would be up around 35%,” Stocktwits added in a subsequent tweet.

Gill also showed a screenshot of the same positions during his closely-watched YouTube livestream Friday.

The trader was an influential figure in the 2021 meme-stock frenzy that sent shares of GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. AMC, -4.07% skyrocketing. Gill’s return to social media last month sparked another sparked a new meme-stock rally that caused a rise in shares of GameStop and AMC as well as other stocks.

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On Sunday, Gill made another cryptic post on X, formerly known as Twitter. The @TheRoaringKitty account posted a still image from the Batman film “The Dark Knight.” The image showed the Joker, played by the late Heath Ledger, preparing for a bank heist — the first scene in the movie. In the posted image, a cat mask has been superimposed on the clown mask that the Joker carries.

On Monday afternoon, Gill posted an image on X of a man pointing at his reflection in a mirror with the words, “You were a billionaire.”

GameStop shares are up 41.6% in 2024 and AMC shares are up 23%, compared with the S&P 500 index’s SPX gain of 12.4%.