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Fuel pumps in some locations have been running dry in recent weeks. Petrol Dealers have been warning since May that oil marketing companies have been cutting supplies to retail outlets to curb their losses, as the retail prices are significantly lower than what they should be to absorb the impact of the rise in crude oil prices. WhatsApp groups of dealers have been abuzz with complaints, especially about two state-run OMCs that have started rationing supplies to the pumps. The dealers allege that certain bigger dealers and well-connected dealers get the supply of time, while smaller one, especially in faroff areas, are struggling. While OMCs have denied rationing supplies, dealers have been circulating screenshots of WhatsApp messages from senior officials from OMCs that suggest otherwise. After the ministry pulled up the OMCs, they moved quickly to fix the matters. Senior officials told their local executives not to convey messages via text messages. Problem solved! As for the real problem, dealers said some pumps are still facing supply constraints.