US embassy opens student visa appointments for mid-August campus dates


Those who failed to clear the interview the first time and were refused visas can reapply. Appointments for second chances will open in the second half of August, the embassy said

The United States embassy in India has said that visa appointments are available on its website for students who need to be on campus by mid-August. Interviews for F, M and J visas would take place after August 14, the embassy tweeted.

The move comes after the government, in a rare move, urged senior diplomats of the US, the UK, Australia and some other countries to expedite student visas after it got several letters and complaints about the visa process taking too long.

The US embassy in May had sought to assure students that if they were unable to book an appointment in the first tranche, it would open slots for the rest of July and early August.

Student visa interviews opened earlier this year, as officials hope to issue a higher number compared to the 62,000 given out in 2021 for the fall term.

The first tranche of visa interview slots was opened in May 2022 for dates in June and the first half of July, as per an Economic Times report. In 2021, the US embassies and consulates in India opened student visa interviews on June 14 due to the COVID-19 pandemic after most students received their I-20s, it added.

The I-20 is a mandatory document issued by a US government-approved educational institution certifying that a student has been admitted to a full-time programme and has sufficient funds to stay in the US. It allows a student to apply for US visa.

In a relief to students, the embassy has also said they could reapply for visas if they failed to clear the interview the first time and were refused visas. Appointments for second chances would be opened in the second half of August, it added.

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