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The common thread behind many news headlines in recent days is the stretched finances of the government.

Yesterday, the finance minister announced yet another credit outreach programme by banks.

Earlier in the day, Maruti Suzuki chief RC Bhargava and TVS chairman Venu Srinivasan criticised the government for continuing with high taxes on automobiles.

High taxes are what plague fuel prices too at the pump, notwithstanding explanations involving the repayment of oil bonds issued many years ago.

Then, of course, there is the national asset monetisation pipeline. It is a quick way of bringing forward future cash flows from infrastructure assets. It could open up options for retail investors, we had written two days ago. Today, we have another piece analysing its implications and challenges.

In all these cases, it is the government’s financial position which partly, if not wholly, dictated policy.

No government will want to miss an opportunity in putting cash in the hands of the poor, at a time when many have lost employment and seen incomes falling. But stretched finances means that the government’s stimulus programmes have mostly leant on banks disbursing loans.

Similarly, cutting taxes would be an easy way to stimulate demand and ease the burden of higher fuel prices. But these fuel taxes were Rs 3.45 lakh crore in 2020-21 – in other words, almost one in every five rupees earned by way of gross tax revenues for the Centre was from petrol and diesel.

The fiscal deficit is projected at 6.8 percent of GDP in the current financial year. India’s debt to GDP ratio is already at 90 percent. Cutting taxes is a difficult option since a worsening of these yardsticks could hit credit rating and affect foreign capital flows. No amount of lobbying is likely to change that even if it is from the Reserve Bank of India itself.

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