NewsWatch: What to expect if ‘peak everything’ already has happened and markets feel the force of gravity again

United States

After a stunning first-half, the rest of 2021 could see the U.S. economy expand at a slower pace and inflation fall back to earth. See full story.

China expands probe of U.S.-listed companies after similar move against Didi

The latest action targets two truck-hailing apps operated by Full Truck Alliance Co. and an online recruiting app owned by Kanzhun Ltd. BZ Both companies went public in the U.S. in June. See full story.

The difference between a vacation home and a rental property — and what it means for your taxes

The IRS wants to know how much time you spend at that old family cabin at the lake. See full story.

The 5 most eye-popping disclosures in Robinhood’s long-awaited IPO filing

Growth and doge and lawsuits, oh my! See full story.

Morrison shares surge as private-equity firms circle

Private-equity firms are circling U.K. supermarket chain Wm Morrison Supermarkets, driving the stock higher on Monday. See full story.


Advocates are urging the Biden administration to overhaul the student-loan system before payments resume. See full story.