NewsWatch: A ‘bloody crypto’ Memorial Day weekend? Some bitcoin bulls are dreading the long U.S. holiday break

United States

Bullish investors in bitcoin aren’t jazzed about the upcoming U.S. Memorial Day holiday weekend. See full story.

Epic vs. Apple: The (predicted) verdict is in

Though few expect the judge to force major changes at the App Store or deem Apple a monopolist, they fully expect prescriptive measures that could address 30% commission fees for large developers as well as accommodations to Apple’s payment system. See full story.

AMC Entertainment’s 130% spike this week isn’t done yet, analyst speculates — here’s why

Shareholders of AMC Entertainment had a ticket to ride this week and the surge in the company’s stock isn’t likely to dissipate just yet, according to one analysis. See full story.

The buy now, pay later wave: Klarna, Affirm and rivals hope to take U.S. by storm

A new form of digital layaway has taken Europe by storm and found some acceptance in the U.S., and the growing handful of rivals in the space are looking to spur more online purchases that Americans pay for over time. See full story.

Why am I being charged a penalty on my Roth conversion?

You cannot reverse the conversion, but there might be a loophole See full story.


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