Personal Finance Daily: Texas abandons COVID-19 mask mandate with health experts saying that’s a bad idea and why the last batch of housing aid hasn’t fully made its way to renters yet

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COVID brought us a year of epic uncertainty — but here’s what I know for sure

‘The isolation doesn’t seem quite so intense one year later. Perhaps we have normalized it, but we can be forgiven if our stoicism turns to fatigue.’

5 ways to max out your employee health benefits —and boost your wealth

If you don’t understand the benefits you selected during open enrollment, here’s what to do.

As U.K. eases COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, Pandemic Year 2 provides equal helpings of anxiety and hope

Camden, a North London hamlet home to both the haves and have-nots, attempts to get back on its feet one year later.

Condo hotels are making a comeback

Condo hotels, which have had a bumpy history, are starting to make another comeback – just as demand for vacation-homes is red hot.

Under $ 1.9 trillion stimulus bill, jobless Americans who earned less than $ 150,000 last year will save an average of $ 1,000 in taxes

The new bill says the first $ 10,200 a person receives in jobless benefits are not subject to federal income tax.

Congress just approved over $ 20 billion in emergency rental assistance — but the last batch of housing aid hasn’t fully made its way to renters yet

The previous rollout of housing aid to struggling renters was delayed for weeks due to bureaucratic hold-ups.

My father’s divorce decree says his kids will inherit his house — but he later put it in a trust for his third wife. Which one wins out?

‘My father says he feels very guilty about the entire situation.’

How to use risk to manage real estate investments like you do with your stock portfolio

Too often buyers overly focus on expected returns.

One year after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, is the U.S returning to normal? Many Americans say their finances will take years to recover

‘There’s a very clear divide based on income in terms of how people are experiencing this.’

‘Mask up, America!’ Texas abandons COVID-19 mask mandate — health experts say that’s a really, really bad idea

One year after the coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, health professionals have decried moves to go maskless.

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