The #39;Pawri#39; is at Goa! Meet top 6 star speakers of Traders Carnival 2021

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The “pawri” is in Goa and make sure you come prepared to make new friends, ones who will accompany you in your trading journey — sharing tips, crunching numbers, and talking about their experiences, basically all things trading.

The Traders Carnival 2021 will be held in Goa from March 25-27. It is an event, a meeting ground, for those who are passionate about the market.

The three-day residential conference is an opportunity to meet traders, mentors, and make trading your friend for life. So mask up and join the pawri.

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Let’s check out the speakers who will be addressing fellow traders and sharing their experience and knowledge:

Aniruddha Dean:

No, he is not a professor of a college, but an expert of Market Profile, VSA and Order Flow. He trades the markets using his Dean Trading Framework.

He has been trading since 2005. From the buying climax in early 2008 to the crushing fall that followed and then a smart recovery and bull market since 2009, he was fortunate to witness all facets of markets.

Read his complete profile here:
Asit Pati Baran

Asit Pati Baran, many of us know him as Professional Sharpshooter. This Gurgaon-based, unassuming, former banker has made a career as a highly successful F&O Trader.

After a 12 years stint in the Investment Banking space (Bank Am/UBS), he has found his niche in trading. Asit uses a proprietary Ranking Study and his own system to take Intraday and Overnight positions as well as some Index Scalping mostly as an Options Buyer.

Asit will be sharing his Option Buying strategies with the help of Data and Technical Analysis at the carnival. He will also discuss how he uses Delta & Gamma as part of his arsenal.

Read his complete profile here:

Anbalagan Veerappan aka Anbu:

Anbalagan Veerappan will be the highlight of Traders Carnival 2021. He will be putting the trading floor on fire as he displays his strategies to trade Crypto in front of a LIVE audience in Goa.

Anbalagan Veerappan, or Anbu as he is called by friends, started off in the equities in 1998 and has consistently made profits in Cash and F&O segments, using his proprietary system.

When the Supreme Court revoked the RBI-imposed banking ban on Cryptocurrencies in March 2020 and Crypto Exchanges started Futures Trading on Crypto in August 2020, Anbu entered the Crypto Markets using the same proprietary system which worked well for him this far.

Anbu has traded almost all available coins in the Cryptocurrency space.

And he is looking forward to sharing insights, strategies, entries, exits, and more at the Traders Carnival at Goa this March.

Read his complete profile here:

Arjun Bhatia:

The Banknifty Whizkid from Jhansi blew up his account quite a few times before he turned 19. He has consistently remained profitable for over 36 months now.

At Goa in March 2021, this 23-year-old whizkid from Jhansi will be speaking on his successes and more importantly, his failures and the steps he took to overcome them.

Read his complete profile here:

Vivek Mashrani

Vivek Mashrani is one of the few successful exponents of TechnoFunda investing and so is uniquely qualified to talk about Techno Funda Investing.

A soft-spoken master of his craft, the F1 and F2 buttons on his keyboard are not necessarily ORDERS to his broker. Rather, Vivek may likely convey them as ‘requests’.

Over the years, Vivek has been very successful in spotting numerous multi-baggers. His key strength is identifying fundamentally-strong stocks based on a few carefully chosen metrics, and applying technicals to time his entries and timely exits.

Read his complete profile here:

Vijay Thakare:

The guy who lost Rs 40 lakh in the last 4 years, but managed to recover all of it by October 2020 and made more in the last few months would be joining fellow traders as a keynote speaker on options scalping. 

There are 3 most important things required for scalping – Volatility, Momentum, and timing. For volatility, Thakare chooses Bank Nifty, and for momentum, he has fine tuned the setup and indicators which gives him an edge.

And, timing, that he learned over time after focusing only on just one index for the last 2 years.

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