The Margin: World’s biggest hedge-fund manager ‘thrilled’ with Biden’s inauguration speech but still believes America’s on ‘brink of a terrible civil war’

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Back in early December, Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates, sounded the alarm on class and power struggles that are tearing the country apart, saying the U.S. “at a tipping point in which it could go from manageable internal tension to revolution and/or civil war.”

A few weeks and a new president later, and Dalio does not seem to be getting any more optimistic about the nation’s prospects going forward.

“I believe we are on the brink of a terrible civil war,” Dalio wrote. “We are at an inflection point between entering a type of hell of fighting or pulling back to work together for peace and prosperity that addresses the big wealth, values, and opportunity gaps we’re now seeing.”

He did say, however, that he was “thrilled” by what President Joe Biden had to say at his inauguration last week. “It is consistent with the direction history has shown the country needs to move in,” Dalio said on Twitter TWTR, +1.99% on Sunday.

But will Biden and both parties do their part to ease the divide?

“Good words and spirit aren’t enough,” Dalio added. “People will have to agree on both how to grow the pie and how to divide it well. That will require revolutionary change.”

Here’s his entire tweetstorm:

Dalio, with a reported net worth of $ 18 billion, is the world’s 46th richest man, according to Forbes.