Personal Finance Daily: Americans are more likely to go on shopping sprees when the stock market is rising and what impact raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour could have

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Yellen says raising minimum wage to $ 15 an hour would have ‘minimal’ impact on jobs, but Congressional Budget Office disagrees

Raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour would ‘really help’ struggling Americans make ends meet, Yellen said.

Americans are more likely to go on shopping sprees when the stock market is rising — why that’s a bad thing

‘A 10% rise in stock prices is associated with a rise in average spending of just under 1%,”’according to a report published by the JPMorgan Chase Institute.

IRS ‘stands ready’ to send out third round of stimulus checks and process tax returns at the same time, commissioner says

The IRS is done with its pile of unopened mail, but ‘millions’ of last year’s tax returns are still being processed.

Biden administration extends nationwide eviction moratorium

Housing advocates say renters need more help beyond a pause on evictions.

‘When older people are upset, you fix it’ — this Florida journalist has helped hundreds book COVID-19 vaccinations

In Florida, many seniors are struggling to get the COVID vaccine, so this local journalist is helping them book appointments

I want to propose to my girlfriend — but how do I divide my estate between her and my daughter from a previous marriage?

This letter writer asks: ‘Is it wrong to leave funds passed down from generation to generation solely for my daughter, and leave other funds to my new wife?’

Why vacation homes have become more work and less play

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and work – and that’s prompting changes in the way custom builders are designing new vacation homes.

Here’s the maximum amount Biden’s stimulus proposal would deliver to America’s poorest families

‘Right now, the smartest thing we can do is go big,’ Janet Yellen said Tuesday.

‘This is sheer economic waste. We distributed our $ 1,200 stimulus to our church:’ Why did we get these checks instead of poor Americans?

‘We do not light our fireplace with $ 100 bills, but we are comfortable.’

My 70-year-old partner of 16 years refuses to put his bank accounts into both our names. What should I do?

‘In 2008, we lost virtually everything in the Great Recession, and have rebuilt our assets into a reasonable position.’

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All of President Biden’s key executive orders — in one chart

As people and markets around the world adjust to having Joe Biden as U.S. president, a key factor is what the veteran Democratic politician aims to accomplish without having to work with Congress.

How much of a role should cryptocurrencies play in a portfolio? Perhaps a surprising answer from a JPMorgan strategist

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin can improve portfolio efficiency — in limited use, says a JPMorgan strategist.