Gujarat top tax-compliant region in India, Bihar comes last

August 06
14:56 2020

Gujarat has become the highest tax-compliant state in the assessment year 2018-19, behind only Delhi, in terms of the proportion of ‘returns filed to PAN holders’, while Bihar saw the lowest rate of Income Tax Return (ITR) filing.

In AY19, the state witnessed 22.3 percent ITR filers, out of the total Permanent Account Number (PAN) holders, reported Business Standard.

The state was followed by the national capital, which had a 20.5 percent population filing ITR. Behind Delhi were Punjab with 16.74 percent, and Telangana with 16.68 percent ITR filing, said the report.

As per the report, Bihar received the lowest rate of ITR filing at 5 percent. Its neighbouring state Uttar Pradesh saw a little higher rate of return filed at 8.11 percent. However, it was much below the national average of 12 percent, it stated.

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The data of ITR filings may not be the most accurate indicator of tax-compliance, as it is not mandatory for all PAN holders to file returns, said the report.

In the case of companies and businesses, they are supposed to file ITRs even in case of ‘nil’ income. However, this is not applicable to individuals as only those with total income above Rs 2.5 lakh are required to file returns. For senior citizens, the limit is Rs 3 lakh, the report suggested.

Among the total filed ITRs in AY19, the cases picked up for scrutiny halved to 0.25 percent from 0.55 percent in AY18. Among all the states, Bihar had the lowest proportion of such cases at 0.08 percent. The state saw a sharp drop from the 0.42 percent in AY18, said the report.

Its neighbouring state Jharkhand was next at 0.09 percent cases picked up for scrutiny in AY19. It saw a decline from 0.3 percent in AY18, the report stated.

Delhi faced the highest scrutiny of cases at 0.52 percent, added the report.