NewsWatch: Why the Saudi oil attack is a ‘big deal’ that could be a ‘game changer’ in stock markets and crude prices

September 16
03:52 2019

An intensifying Middle East conflict is threatening to throw the world’s energy market into disarray after a weekend drone attack destroyed parts of Saudi Aramco’s Abqaiq plant — one of the world’s largest processors of oil. See full story.

Apple’s new iPhones are overpriced and behind the times

You pay a premium price for a device that underperforms Android rivals, says Jurica Dujmovic. See full story.

Worried about the stock market? Here are easy ways to cut risk

Growth has outperformed value for a decade, but the next blowup may change that. See full story.

Things are looking up for the economy, but you can’t get too cozy in the Trump era

The U.S. and China are trying to tone down trade tensions, the Federal Reserve is ready to cut interest rates and Americans are still spending plenty of money. So all is well again with the U.S. economy, right? Not so fast. See full story.

Victoria’s Secret will offer fewer discounts, which will make the brand turnaround tough

L Brands hosted its investor day, with a focus on the effort to revitalize the Victoria’s Secret brand. See full story.


Artificial intelligence in housing won’t just eliminate Realtors. It could completely change the way we buy, sell and live. See full story.

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