The Moneycontrol Show | Asset allocation, driving licence-Aadhaar linkage, Q3FY19 earnings

January 13
10:56 2019

This week on The Moneycontrol Show, we discuss how correct asset allocation can help you achieve the right balance between risk and reward, and create wealth in the long term. Personal finance expert, Rohit Shah, Founder – Getting you Rich, explains the right way to allocate your funds.

In our Macro segment, we discuss how a new law will soon be introduced for mandatory linking of Aadhaar with your driving licence. So what are the objective and implications of this move? How will this linkage help in catching duplicate licence holders, and will paying of fines also get streamlined? Gaurav Choudhury, Deputy Executive Editor, Moneycontrol, explains.

How did the markets respond this week? The Q3 numbers have also started trickling in, so how did TCS perform? Kshitij Anand, Market Editor, Moneycontrol wraps the week’s action in the markets and the triggers to watch out for in the coming week.

This is the twenty-fourth episode of season two which will be featured on Saturday & Sunday on CNN News 18 at 8:30 am.

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