IB secretary warns against monopolies in media

December 06
18:56 2018

Union information & broadcasting secretary Amit Khare on December 6 warned against monopolies in the media and entertainment sector and batted for self-regulation as a better approach for the sector than a government- appointed watchdog.

Addressing an industry event, he also called for a diverse media ownership saying monopolies should be avoided in the sector.

“With the advancement and convergence of technologies, government would like to have more of self-regulation by the media and entertainment sector, rather than the state acting as a monitor,” Khare was quoted as saying in a PIB release.

Given the numerous channels through which content is distributed, self regulation is also an administratively feasible option and that peer pressure will also serve to make self-regulation effective and ethically-driven.

He observed that media regulations have historically been developed according to the medium or platform, and not based on content.

This has led to traditional forms of content such as print newspapers and TV channels being in the ambit of regulation, leaving some newer media forms such as OTT media content remaining unregulated, he said.

He further said one question being debated is whether one needs to regulate media platforms which are unregulated now or whether it is better to reduce regulation in traditional sectors. Another question is how much regulation is required and how is has to be done.

Observing that the media and entertainment sector is one of the fastest growing industries, he said the sector also plays an important role in job creation and already employs over 1 million.

“Also, for every rupee spent in the sector, there is a multiplier effect of around 2.9,” he said.

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