IIT Roorkee gets 189 offers on day one of placement season, IIT Madras gets 195

December 02
19:22 2017

The placement season at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee started on a robust note with a total number of 189 offers received by the end of day 1. IIT Madras received 195 offers by the end of the first day.

Last year (2016-17), IIT Madras saw 27 companies making 160 offers on day one.

At IIT Madras, the number of international offers has also increased, with this year seeing 11 international offers (9 offers in Session 1.1 & 2 offers in Session 1.2) being made on day 1, compared to 3 international offers received last year.

Companies that made more than 10 offers this year (2017-18) were EXL Services, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Samsung Research Institute Bangalore.

With a view of reducing the stress faced by students in the early phase of the placement process, IIT Madras has done away with the ‘Graveyard Slot’ this year. The slot begins in the early hours of day one (December 1), usually from midnight to 6 am.

In addition to day one placements, as many as 114 pre-placement offers (PPOs) have also been received by students of IIT Madras this year, as against 73 last year.

At IIT Roorkee, three sessions were scheduled on day one for companies to recruit students from the campus.

A total of 240 companies registered for placements this year till date, offering profiles like software engineering, product management, research & development, research engineering, associate consultant, analyst, geophysicist, and geologist, among others.

In addition to the four public sector companies registered this year, around 48 start-up companies have registered for the placement process, compared to only 25 last year.

The graveyard session saw the participation of 9 companies and a total of 315 students sat through the session for placements.

Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Uber, Tower Research, Schlumberger, ISRO, Webstaff Co Ltd, ONGC, and ITC were part of the graveyard session.

A total of 58 offers were handed out during the graveyard session, out of which 21 were core sector jobs and 37 were non-core sector jobs.

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