GES 2017 LIVE: Not happy with 100th Ease of Biz rank, want 50th, says Modi

November 28
18:49 2017

6:14 PM I am ‘chinamma’ of Telangana, that’s why I can say that it is a perfect mix of traditionalism and modernisation, Swaraj added.

6:13 PM “I have no doubt that under the leadership of PM Modi and President Trump India and US relations will reach new heights & contribute to global peace & prosperity,” says Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj.

6:04 PM “Let me conclude by wishing you a fruitful and engaging summit,” said Modi.

5:57 PM “We aim in creating a new India by 2022,” says Modi, asking businessmen to invest in India and becoming a partner in India’s growth story.

5:56 PM My govt has launched the Atal Innovation Mission. We are opening Tinkering Labs in more than 900 schools to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among children: PM Modi

5:56 PM Ease of doing business from 180 to 100 is our govt’s achievement, says PM Modi. Modi, however, said he wants India to have 50th rank. “Not happy with 100th credit rank,” he added.

5:54 PM “Through changes in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, we have prevented wilful defaulters from bidding in stressed assets,” says PM Modi

5:54 PM India has been an incubator for innovations & entrepreneurship over the ages. Ancient Indian treatise, Charaka Samhita, introduced world to Ayurveda. Yoga is another ancient Indian innovation. Entire world now comes together, to celebrate Yoga Day on 21st June every year: PM Modi

5:53 PM

5:53 PM

5:49 PM Our govt has taken several step to improve business environment. The jump in ease of doing business is a result of this initiative: PM Modi

5:43 PM The summit bring India closer to Silicon Valley: PM Modi

5:42 PM “Yoga is another ancient Indian innovation. Many entrepreneurs are now involved in yoga and Ayurveda,” says Modi.

5:41 PM The theme, ‘women first, prosperity for all’ makes this edition of GSE stand out: PM Modi

5:40 PM

5:37 PM “Women is an incarnation of Shakti (the goddess of power). Therefore, women development is vital for the progerss of any country,” says PM Modi

5:34 PM After Ivanka, Modi addresses Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

5:33 PM India has lifted over 130 million out of poverty through entrepreneurship, says Ivanka Trump

5:33 PM

5:32 PM What you are achieving here is truly extraordinary. From selling tea in your childhood, to your election as India’s Prime Minister, you’ve proven that transformational change is possible:  Ivanka Trump hails PM’s stewardship

5:28 PM Saying that Narendra Modi is a symbol of democracy, Ivanka said India will grow speedily under PM Modi

5:25 PM “It’s incredible to be in this ancient city brimming with technology,” Ivanka added.

5:25 PM “I am proud to see that for the first time a majority of 1,500 women entrepreneurs are participating in such an event,” Ivanka Trump said.

5:23 PM Ivanka Trump said, “People of India aspire us in US and India has a friend in White House.”

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