New conspiracy theorist claims to have proof Apollo moon landing was fake

November 27
19:45 2017

The first American walked on the moon almost 50 years ago, but some people still believe it never happened. One such conspiracy theorist took to YouTube recently to show what he calls “proof” that the Apollo 17 landing was faked.

A YouTube user with the name StreetCap1 posted a video entitled “Reflection in a Visor. Where’s the reflection of the camera taking the photo?” and the four-minute video has more than 2 million views, and over a thousand comments debating the theory.

The video’s creator zoomed in on a NASA photo of an astronaut’s visor, claiming that he sees the reflection of a person not wearing a spacesuit.

The image in question was allegedly taken during December 1972 during Apollo 17, the final moon mission.

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While moon landing doubters have lurked online for years, StreetCap1 insists this is the first evidence that ever made him doubt the veracity. The vast majority of similar conspiracy theories claiming that Americans nor anyone else ever set foot on the moon have been debunked repeatedly.

The Apollo 17 mission made history in several ways, and holds the records for longest time in lunar orbit and longest moon landing.

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